Unleash your inner rockstar with our exclusive “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt”! Inspired by the iconic style of Rick and Morty and the legendary KISS band, this tee blends humor and rock ‘n’ roll in one epic design. Made with heavy cotton fabric for comfort and durability. Available in sizes S-5XL for men and women. Shop now at INVIA STORE for fast USPS shipping and secure PayPal transactions.

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Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Are you ready to rock the multiverse with style and humor? Introducing our exclusive “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt,” a fusion of two iconic worlds – Rick and Morty’s wacky adventures and the legendary KISS band’s electrifying performances. This tee is not just a garment; it’s a statement piece that showcases your love for both pop culture and heavy metal.

Inspired by Rick and Morty Style KISS BAND

Step into a dimension where Rick Sanchez takes center stage as the lead singer of the infamous KISS band. Our tee encapsulates the essence of this crossover, blending Rick and Morty’s irreverent humor with the iconic imagery of KISS. It’s a tribute to both universes, where absurdity meets rock ‘n’ roll.

Funny Kiss Lead Singer Rick Sanchez: A Fusion of Laughter and Rock

Imagine Rick Sanchez decked out in KISS makeup, belting out tunes while Morty strums the guitar in the background. Our tee captures this hilarious scenario, making it a must-have for fans of both Rick and Morty and KISS. Get ready to chuckle every time you wear it.

Where to Watch Rick and Morty?: Right Here in Your Wardrobe

Why wait for the next episode when you can bring the interdimensional madness of Rick and Morty into your daily life? With our tee, you can flaunt your fandom wherever you go. Whether you’re binge-watching the latest season or rewatching classic episodes, this shirt is the perfect attire for any Rick and Morty marathon.

What Does KISS Look Like Without Makeup?: A Meme-Worthy Revelation

Ever wondered what lies beneath the iconic makeup of KISS? While we can’t provide you with the real deal, our tee offers a humorous take on this question. Picture Rick and Morty in full KISS regalia, ready to rock your world. It’s a playful nod to one of rock music’s greatest mysteries.

Rick and Morty Parody Kiss Band: A Match Made in Interdimensional Heaven

The fusion of Rick and Morty with the legendary KISS band is a match made in interdimensional heaven. Our tee celebrates this epic crossover with a design that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversations. Whether you’re attending a comic con or hanging out with fellow fans, this shirt ensures you stand out from the crowd.

Heavy Cotton Tee: Quality That Rocks

Crafted from heavy cotton fabric (5.3 oz/yd² or 180 g/m²), our tee guarantees both comfort and durability. It’s soft to the touch yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of everyday wear. Whether you’re rocking out at a concert or lounging at home, this tee keeps you feeling cool and confident.

Made with Medium Fabric: A Perfect Balance

We’ve carefully selected medium-weight fabric for our tee, striking the perfect balance between comfort and quality. It’s neither too thick nor too thin, ensuring year-round wearability. Say goodbye to flimsy tees that lose their shape after a few washes. Our tee maintains its fit and form, wash after wash.

INVIA STORE: Your Destination for Unique Merchandise

Exclusive to INVIA STORE, our “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt” is a must-have for fans of pop culture and heavy metal alike. Shop online and discover a treasure trove of merchandise that celebrates your favorite fandoms. From apparel to accessories, we’ve got everything you need to express your unique style.

Online Only: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Browse, click, and order from the comfort of your own home with our online-only shopping experience. No more queues or crowded stores; just pure convenience delivered straight to your doorstep. Explore our extensive collection of merchandise and find the perfect pieces to enhance your fandom.

Shipping USPS: Fast and Reliable Delivery

We understand the excitement of receiving your order promptly, which is why we ship exclusively via USPS. With their fast and reliable service, you can rest assured that your “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt” will reach you in no time. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the logistics.

Payment Paypal: Secure Transactions Every Time

Shop with confidence knowing that your transactions are secure with PayPal. Whether you’re purchasing one tee or stocking up on multiple items, PayPal offers a safe and convenient payment method. Say goodbye to worries about online security and hello to stress-free shopping.

Production Time 3-7 Working Days: Quality Takes Time

Each “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt” is made to order with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our production team works diligently to ensure that every tee meets our high standards of quality. Please allow 3-7 working days for production before your order is shipped.

30 Working Day Return Guarantee: Shop with Peace of Mind

We’re confident that you’ll love your “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt,” but if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 working day return guarantee. Simply return your order within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Size Charts for T-Shirts Men’s and T-Shirts Women’s: Find Your Perfect Fit

Refer to the size charts below to find your perfect fit:

Size Chest (inches) Length (inches)
S 34-36 28
M 38-40 29
L 42-44 30
XL 46-48 31
2XL 50-52 32
3XL 54-56 33
4XL 58-60 34
5XL 62-64 35

Note: Measurements are approximate. Chest refers to the fullest part of the chest, and length refers to the length of the shirt from shoulder to hem.

Women’s sizes are available in corresponding measurements for a tailored fit.

Unlock your inner rockstar with our “Rick Morty Meme Kiss Heavy Metal T-Shirt.” Order yours today and join the ranks of fans who dare to defy the limits of space, time, and fashion.


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