Discover the iconic “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt collection, paying tribute to the basketball legend’s timeless charisma. Crafted with 100% US cotton, available in men’s and women’s sizes S-5XL. Shop online at INVIA STORE for quality fan art graphic tees.

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Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars T-Shirt: A Tribute to the Legend

What Cigars Does Michael Jordan Smoke?

In this exclusive collection, we pay homage to the iconic moment when Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, was captured enjoying a cigar. The “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt immortalizes this iconic image, celebrating Jordan’s unparalleled talent and off-court charisma.

Jordan Smoke Cigarettes Fan Art Graphic T-Shirts

Our “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement. Crafted with passion and attention to detail, each shirt features a meticulously designed fan art graphic that captures the essence of Jordan’s legendary cigar-smoking moment. It’s more than apparel; it’s a symbol of admiration for a sporting icon.

Heavy Cotton Tee: Made with 100% US Cotton

We believe in delivering quality that speaks volumes. That’s why our “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt is crafted from heavy cotton, ensuring durability and comfort with every wear. Made exclusively with 100% US cotton, this tee guarantees a soft touch against your skin and a lasting fit that withstands the test of time.

Size Chart: Men’s T-Shirts (S-5XL)

Size Chest (inches) Length (inches)
S 34-36 28
M 38-40 29
L 42-44 30
XL 46-48 31
2XL 50-52 32
3XL 54-56 33
4XL 58-60 34
5XL 62-64 35

Size Chart: Women’s T-Shirts (S-5XL)

Size Bust (inches) Length (inches)
S 32-34 25
M 34-36 26
L 36-38 27
XL 39-40 28
2XL 41-42 29
3XL 43-44 30
4XL 45-46 31
5XL 47-48 32

INVIA STORE: Online Only

Experience convenience like never before with our online-exclusive collection available only at INVIA STORE. Browse through our curated range of premium apparel, including the “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt, and elevate your style effortlessly.

Shipping via USPS

We understand the importance of timely delivery. That’s why we entrust USPS to handle the shipping of your order swiftly and securely. Sit back and relax as your “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt makes its way to you, ready to be worn with pride.

Payment via Paypal

Seamless transactions are our priority. We offer hassle-free payment options, and with Paypal, you can complete your purchase securely and swiftly. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, from browsing to checkout.

Production Time: 3-7 Working Days

Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we aim to deliver promptly. Expect your “Moment Michael Jordan Smoke Cigars” T-Shirt to be carefully crafted within 3-7 working days, ensuring each detail is perfected before it reaches your doorstep.

30-Day Return Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products. If, for any reason, your order is damaged or doesn’t meet your expectations, take advantage of our 30-working day return guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to ensuring a seamless shopping experience, from start to finish.


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